Customer Support Professional (CSP) 

Work from home (Remote)

$8.25 - $19.00 (You choose your contract)

                          What working from home means for you?

No more commuting. No more bosses. No cap on your paycheck. 

Customize your schedule. Take a vacation when you want. 

Our Customer Service Professionals (CSPs) are earning $500 - $1700 each pay period (pay is on the 1st and the 15th).

Are you interested in working for some of the most respected fortune 500 companies by providing call center services from home?  These Fortune 500 companies are outsourcing their call volume through our partners. In turn, these partners then outsource to companies like Proentity LLC to find the people (like YOU) that want to work from home and connect them to the clients in need of services. Make sense? OK then, Let's GO!!!

What is The Proentity Call Center opportunity?
Proentity LLC is an Independent Business Owner (IBO) that utilizes the Arise network. We are completely virtual and provide opportunities to work at home as an Independent Contractor within our virtual call center.

What/Who is Arise?
Arise provides a virtual platform to connect small call center businesses to Fortune 500 and other large companies. For more information, Visit

Proentity is an IBO but What is an IBO?
IBO stands for ‘Independent business Owner’. Proentity LLC is an IBO within the Arise Virtual network.

What the Proentity LLC and Arise partnership
Arise provides the virtual platform that connects Proentity LLC dozens of Fortune 500 and other large companies.

How do I know this is a legit opportunity?
We know, there are many scams out there. Our partner, Arise has been known for offering legitimate work-from-home positions for over a decade now. There are thousands of small businesses and their contractors who have thrived by providing services and getting paid for over a decade. In addition, Proentity LLC has partnered with several contractors working from home already.  We are a highly regarded staffing agency and have been providing staffing and recruiting services for over 7 years.

Are there fees involved for me, if I decide to work for Proentity LLC?
A background check is required to confirm each potential Client Support Professional (CSP) is free from criminal history. As an Independent Contractor with Proentity LLC, you are required to cover the cost of $9.95 for your background check. This fee is paid to Arise directly.  We do not benefit from the fee.  There are also certification fees and our management services fee (see below)

Why do I need to pay for certification?
Similar to becoming a Real Estate or an Insurance Agent and having to pay for your certification, there is a cost to become certified as a qualified Customer Service Professional that can work independently from their own home office. Prices vary by certification course ($4.99 - $199.99). This fee is paid to Arise directly.  We do not benefit from the fee.

When will I start to earn revenue?
There is an investment of your own time required to become certified as a qualified Customer Service Professional. Revenue is earned upon the completion of certification. There is no pay for the time spent in certification unless you are actually taking service calls.

How much money can I make?
Most of the companies pay CSP's $8.25 - $19 per hour for providing customer support services from home. Your compensation can be as little or as big as you make it. You choose the client that you want to service. Some choose their client for the compensation rate only. Some choose a client because they are open 24/7 and some choose a client that is super easy with less hourly pay. You set your own schedule and choose when and how much you work. Your paycheck is up to you!  We have CSP's making between $200 – $1700+ bi-weekly!

Is equipment provided?
Equipment is not provided. Each Customer Service Professional is required to furnish their own home office to the expectations of their specific client.

What is an Independent Contractor?
An independent contractor is a natural person, business, or corporation that provides goods and/or services to another entity under terms specified in a contract or within a verbal agreement.

Why do you charge a fee?
The admin services fee is the only charge from Proentity LLC and it will be taken directly from your revenue.  In order to join Proentity LLC as an Independent Contractor and gain access to the virtual network of companies there is a fee of $50.00 per pay period. In addition to accessing the Arise platform this ensures our CSP's will receive unparalleled support from Proentity LLC to ensure success. We are much lower than some IBOs that charge up to $100 per payroll period.

What incentives/benefits are offered?
Proentity LLC offers various incentives, bonuses and benefits depending on the client being serviced by the CSP. To inquire about a specific opportunity and the potential incentives/bonuses associated with it, contact us at

What benefits are offered?
As an Independent Contractor you usually will not have access to any health or life insurance plan benefits but through Proentity LLC you can be eligible. Contact us at for more information. 

How do I file taxes?
As an Independent Contractor you are responsible for filing your own income tax annually. Proentity LLC does offer guidance with tax filing if needed. Contact us at to inquire about this service.

Where can I have my Affidavit of Identification Notarized?
Arise requires each CSP to complete an Affidavit of Identification in order to service client calls. This is necessary since you are working virtually and are unable to present ID in person, like at a traditional job. If you need help finding a notary in your area then contact us at  UPS stores are a great option, as most of them provide Notary services.

What is a Reimbursement Program?
We offer the option to receive reimbursement of the upfront costs associated with certification for qualified CSP’s. When you reach a service milestone, we will reimburse you for your start-up fees (background check, and initial training course certification).

Why can’t I see the client names on your website?
Arise requires each CSP electronically sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to viewing their list of clients.  Once you have completed the Arise registration process and signed this agreement you will have access to all current client opportunities in the Arise Portal. Past clients have included companies like Comcast, Intuit, Apple, AT&T, Carnival Cruises and more.

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